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Chuck Heady

Chuck Heady is our Vice President and Chief of Operations. Prior to the GlobalNet assignment, Chuck was formerly in the marketing department at Intra-Plant Maintenance in East Peoria, IL. Both companies are owned by John LaReau. Chuck's background includes many years in maintenance (about 20 of those years in management) with a large midwest manufacturer. He won't say who it was, but we hear rumors that the company was named after a woolly worm. He was also in business with three of his sons in the Quad Cities, which he claims was probably the most challenging but at the same time the most rewarding part of his entire working career. Chuck has some very big and aggressive goals and plans for GlobalNet. He says there's a reason for the word "Global" in the name. We're not sure if he's serious or delirious!

Dee Dee Boyer

Dee Dee Boyer is our Office Manager and handles all purchasing. Have you ever heard the question, "Do you want to talk to the man who thinks he is in charge or the woman who really knows what is going on?" Well, here is the woman who really knows. If anyone has a question they ask Dee Dee! You see all those files behind her? On the rare occasion that she doesn't have an immediate answer, she knows where it is in those cabinets and can have it in seconds. She is the only person in the company that can't be gone - she can't get sick, take a vacation, take a day off, or die! Sounds a lot like a Mom, doesn't it - and she is that too. She not only runs this company, she is active in Fulton county politics, her church, is a partner with her sister in a business, and takes care of a husband, son, and daughter. Whew!

Dan Stone

Dan Stone is our estimator and Plant Manager. He deals with all the suppliers, customers, shop employees, proposals, follow-up on proposals, scheduling of work, answering of silly questions from Chuck, etc, etc, etc. Dan is another one of those people that you can ask a question and he rarely has to go look for the answer - he just has it. He says he can handle about anything but it's the etc, etc, etc that sometime starts to get to him. He is one of those people who likes to make work fun, and it shows.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is one of our fabricators. Mark is a fairly quiet person, you know the type - while everyone else is standing around jawing, he just figures out the best way to do the project, quietly asks everyone to get out of the way, and goes ahead and does it. I wonder how we could find some more Marks?

Jeff Lock

Jeff Lock is another of our fabricators. Jeff says if he could just get some cooperation around here he probably wouldn't have to do it all. About the time he gets ready to do something really important he runs out of gas! We're all wondering if he means he runs out of gas or if the forklift runs out of gas. That seems to be one of those things that make you go hmmmmmm. We feel very fortunate to have the caliber of fabricators that we have and we know it will be hard to find more when we need them because Mark and Jeff have really set the bar high!

Parker Smizer

Parker Smizer is our laborer. He does everything and he knows everything! He even lives close enough to see the plant (except when the corn is too tall); and if anyone happens on the property that he doesn't think should be here during closed hours; he's here right away to check on things. Every company needs a Parker. The bad thing for all of the others is that we got him and we are not letting him go. Sorry, everyone else, you're on your own!

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