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COOT2 Specifications

The COOT2 is a full time 4-wheel drive, center rotational articulated, hydrostatically driven off-road EXTREME utility vehicle. That is a mouth full. It will out pull, out push and out power all other vehicles in its class. The problem is, the COOT2 is in a class all its own.

Here at the plant we feel that the COOT2 is the single toughest utility vehicle on the market. But do not take our word for it, test drive one yourself. You truly do have to see it to believe it. Pictures cannot do it justice, but there are plenty of them on the website for you to check out.

This vehicle is designed for those who demand the utmost in power and durability in challenging conditions such as a good rain storm, a timber full of fallen logs, uneven terrain and hills, and rocks and other hazards that tend to get in the way. The COOT2 is not a modified golf cart or your standard everyday 4-wheeler. It will pull over 1600 lbs, keep the operator dry in up to 31" of water and can easily take 4 passengers over a 26" obstacle.

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