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The following are what we have found to be the most frequently asked questions about the COOT2. If you have a question that we do not have the answer to listed below, please contact us, and we would be more than happy to answer your question. It may even end up on this page soon after you ask it.

  1. What is a COOT2?
  2. A Coot2 is a second generation work platform. It is unique in its design with Center Rotational Articulation, its infinitely variable Hydrostatic Transmission and four wheel steer combined four wheel drive.
  3. How is it different from a 4-wheeler or other all-terrain vehicles?
  4. It is different in that the Coot2 has a lower center of gravity in all situations. Making it less likely to turn over in off camber, tough terrain. There is no shifting, it has a hydrostatic transmission with a forward and reverse pedal. It can switch directions in less than a second. In addition, the shift on the fly high range / low range dash mounted selector enables shifting without stopping. Four Wheel Steer gives it tighter turning radius than most four wheelers and all UV Center Rotational Articulation keeps all four wheels on the ground at all times.
  5. How much does the COOT2 cost?
  6. The base price at this time is $12,500.00. That is subject to change without notice. \
  7. Are there dealers?
  8. We are currently building a network of dealers, please check the Dealers page for more information.
  9. What does it take to become a dealer?
  10. A few criteria:
  11. What is the warranty on a unit like this?
  12. 500 hours limited warranty on everything else. Warranty does not cover abuse. Recommended service must be up to date.
  13. What type of engine is used?
  14. 27 HP Kohler gas engines are presently being used. Plans are to offer a diesel engine in the future.
  15. How many people can a COOT2 carry?
  16. Per our safety standards and recommendations, four safely.
  17. What is the towing capacity?
  18. We have skid pulled 2000 lbs.
  19. What is the total payload?
  20. 1250 lbs
  21. How much does the unit weigh?
  22. 1600 lbs
  23. What colors do they come in?
  24. Currently Red, Green, or Green with a Camo option. A construction yellow is being considered.
  25. How are they shipped?
  26. Crated upon request, Shipping container upon request or as a running, drive on unit.
  27. What kind of hydraulic fluids does it use?
  28. Mobile DTE 18M
  29. What accessories can you add to it?
  30. Any of the pull behinds currently being used on ATVs and Utility Vehicles. Click here for our accessories/options page.
  31. What comes with a Base/Standard unit?
  32. The front seat, front backrest, front bumper, rear seat, rear backrest, rear hitch and front lighting package.
  33. Where is the COOT2 built?
  34. The COOT2 is manufactured and built in Fairview, Illinois, USA.
  35. What is the lead time on purchasing/receiving a new COOT2?
  36. That depends on business conditions - we make every effort to fulfill your order as soon as possible. Your dealer can help you with this question.
  37. Can you purchase parts from COOT2 to fit the old COOTS?
  38. You cannot purchase parts from COOT2 to fit the old COOTS. The new COOT2's were built using different parts of which most can be purchased off the shelf. If you are looking for parts for models built before the new COOT2's please visit for more information.
  39. What is the height of the COOT2 with a ROPS kit installed?
  40. The coot is approximately 79" high with a ROPS kit. This can vary + or - 2" depending on wear and air pressure in the standard tires.

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