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GlobalNet Industries, Inc. is located in west central Illinois just about six miles straight west of Farmington on State Route 116. We are two generations from the Columbus Baler Company which was established in 1992. The original business was centered in the manufacture, sale, and servicing of balers for the paper recycling industry. Balers were produced until 1999 with servicing of sold product continuing until 2001.

New ownership entered the picture through an asset purchase in 1999 and the company was transformed into a fabrication job shop facility known as Columbus Industries, Inc.

Columbus Industries was active in producing custom parts of different materials, some exotic, to order, utilizing its capabilities in robotic and manual welding along with an Omax water-jet abrasive cutting machine.

In 2002 Columbus Industries, Inc. began the first prototype for an off-road utility vehicle like no other in its class. In 2004 they began production of the COOT2, the first all hydraulic, center-pivoted, 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer, off-road vehicle. 2007 also brought Columbus Industries, Inc. the production and manufacturing of a machine which was designed to carry propane tanks and was called the Eliminator. This was the first ever motorized tank handling system.

Columbus Industries, Inc. again fell on hard times in 2008 when the assets were again purchased, ownership changed, and the name was changed to GlobalNet Industries, Inc. The new owner and management wanted a name that portrayed the ever changing world wide marketplace. They want to prove that there really is something to good old American quality, workmanship, efficiency, and ingenuity.

We are now concentrating our efforts in three areas:

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